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Quest International Ltd

Quest International Ltd. is a multinational company with offices in about 32 countries. It was established in 1998 to spearhead the development of a dynamic group of companies.
Today, the rapidly expanding Q International Group extends from retailing, travel and leisure to telecommunications, interactive marketing, media and broadcast, financial services and corporate investments, training and education, and business consulting and strategic planning.
With an annual turnover of US$900 Million, the Quest International Group operates a global marketing network (Quest Net) of nearly 3.2 million Independent Representatives (IRs).
Quest International Ltd’s products & services include numismatic products, watches & jewellery, tourism packages, Wellness/health products and telecommunications services. These are sold to and through the (Independent Representatives) IRs.
QuestNet is Asia's largest E-Commerce and Interactive Marketing portal. Its network includes about over 3 million IRs spread across Northern Europe, North America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.
The QI Ltd. expertise is in enabling field sales operate at their highest potential through motivation, handsome incentive plans and superb brand and back office support.
People who make money don’t make excuses. People who make excuses don’t make money.

Company Name : QuestNet Ltd. ( or (
Head Office : Hong Kong
Offices : 32 Countries (Products delivering over 200 countries)
Establish : 1998
Customers : 3.4 Millions (as of 31.12.2007)
Business : E-Commerce / Interactive Marketing
Portfolio : QuestNet is the largest E-Commerce Company in Asia
Few of Partners & Endorsing Authorities : United Nations (Food & Agriculture Organization) FIFA, International Olympic Committee, Central Bank of Oman, Government of Malta Government of Bhutan, Mayer Mint (Largest in Europe, owned by QuestNet) RCI Resort condominium International Microsoft (Service Provider for Quest Net)
Products :
1. Numismatics
Personality products endorsed by various authorities & governments, Products made out of Gold, Silver & Platinum. Gains value over a period of time. Products include Coins, Medallions, Watches, pendants & Jewelry.
2. Quest Vacation / Dreams Holiday Membership
Five star suite fully furnished with kitchen over 120 countries less then 100$ per night. Use it with your family or given it to your friends. Three Packs: Gold membership, Platinum Membership and diamond Membership. Booking guaranteed, frozen price for next thirty years and four thousand hotels & resorts over one hundred twenty countries.
3. Technologies - Long Distance Call Solutions
Established in 2004, Quest Technologies Ltd. is a subsidiary of the rapidly expanding QI group of companies. QT Ltd. has achieved great success with its breakthrough telecommunications services that enable the lowest rates possible in the global telecom market.
Quest Technology Ltd. offers In-Voice, a state-of-the-art package of telecommunications products and services that is being developed in cooperation with QI Comm. in London. The acquisition of QI Comm. in 2005 positions QI Ltd as a leading player in the European Telecoms industry and gives it the presence needed to establish and maintain a long-term base of operations in Europe.
In-Voice Mobile Intelligent Gateway (MIGs) manufactured by Linksys, a division of Cisco Systems, Inc. and the recognized global leader in VoIP, Wireless and Ethernet networking. MIGs serves as a portable Router, WiFi Access Point and a VoIP Gateway and is programmed with your personal London Telephone Number.
In-Voice Soft phone created by CounterPath, world leader and developer of award-winning, high-quality, carrier- grade VoIP and Video over IP SIP soft phones.
Single account No formalities Copy righted solution Global use by family or friends No surprise bills Savings of 50 to 70% on long distance Can use any mode any where for calling Can run small business any where In-Voice International Call back
Trigger Call back SMS Call back Web Call back In-Voice Virtual Calling Card thru the use of a Local Access Number For more info please visit
4. Wellness and Health Products
1. Bio Disc - What is bio disc?
The Bio Disc is a natural energy generating device that produces SCALAR energy frequencies that have no negative side effects. The energy created specifically rejuvenates molecular structures in all liquids. The molecular causes any liquid to become more hydratious taste better and extend shelf life.The Bio Disc is made of 13 TECHINICALLY ENGINEERED natural minerals. A NANO FUSION process using several high heats together, at a molecular level. The combination of the minerals and the fusion techniques produces a catalytic conversion of energy known as “Scalar energy” The 21ts century technology develops a long lasting natural Scalar resonance which has the ability to be transferred to any liquid, renewing the natural molecular chains.
Drinking Water EnergizerMaximizes Nutritional BenefitsImproves TasteExtends Shelf lifeImproves WellnessEnhances Immune systemRejuvenates CellsIncreases Blood Oxygen LevelsEXPOSES POSITIVE and EXPELS NEGATIVE EFFECTS
Place in Refrigerator to energize all consumables for better nutrient uptakePlace under a bottle of drinking water to energize it over nightPlace under bed to improve Sleep Place in a bath of water to improve body energy Carry on the body to stop Jet Lag and improve energy levels. For more detail please visit:
What is Network Marketing? Network Marketing is an efficient method of distributing a product or service to the end consumer. It is not a business itself. It is a WAY of doing business. It is a marketing method, and each person who markets the products or services is a representative (distributor) of that company, NOT an employee. In other words, it is his or her own business. A distributor does not work FOR the company, but works WITH the company!Network Marketing is the most powerful and effective marketing system in the world!! It is done via word-of-mouth recommendations. A distributor will recommend a product or service to another individual, then that person buys the product or service and recommends it to others, and so on. This marketing method allows a distributor to recruit other distributors, and then they do the same, and so on. This allows you to acquire an organization of distributors. They are now in your "downline". You could end up with a large "downline" organization all buying and marketing products for the company you choose. You will receive a commission cheque from the sales of those distributors, and they, in turn, will also receive a commission cheque from the sales within their own "downline" organization. It is a perfect way for people to own their own home-based business, as the industry is growing very rapidly! It presents you with a tremendous opportunity that is very exciting!!
Why is an Network Marketing form of distribution so attractive as a business? With Network Marketing you can now have the benefits of a traditional business, but without the headaches. It is easy to get started and does not require a major investment. Receive a second pay cheque without ever quitting your job. Some training is required, but it is less than running a fast-food chain. There are no special skills required and most Network businesses are very duplicatable.
You now have an income opportunity with very low risk AND can have a very high potential return.
There are two major reasons why network marketing has become a much more viable distribution method in recent years -- and, therefore, an excellent business opportunity. First, the consumer market has become too difficult to reach. People have VCRs with remote control, and there are hundreds of cable channels, so many people do not watch commercials anymore.
Traditional mass marketing methods are quickly losing their effectiveness. However, people do listen to and believe the people they know. The success of books, movies and restaurants are largely determined by this word of mouth advertising. Network marketing companies rely on this powerful concept to efficiently market quality products to millions of their consumers.
Second, advances in information technology have helped to make network marketing efficient and dependable. Voice mail, fax machines, electronic mail, the worldwide web, video tapes, satellite links, and conference calls have also made communication between large distributor forces within a company rather simple and effective.

What Network Marketing Offer you? Network Marketing provides a fantastic opportunity for you! The beauty of this business is given to all of us equally. What we do with that opportunity makes the difference! We can earn a little, or we can work hard for the first year or two and earn a very decent income.
Once you understand the unlimited potential of Network Marketing, you'll begin to discover your dreams and desires. Perhaps you haven't allowed yourself to consider these dreams. No matter how small or large your dreams is, if you really believe in it and are willing to put forth consistent effort, you can and will succeed! And if you have a passion for your chosen business, it will happen faster than what you might imagine! As said by Walt Disney, "All our dreams can come true IF we have the courage to pursue them." The concept of Duplication
Network Marketing is based on the concept of duplication. Once you join a Network Marketing company you personally use or distribute the Network Marketing Company's products. You also recruit other distributors. They are then placed in your downline sales organization. In turn they use or distribute products, plus they recruit other Distributors. In other words, they duplicate you. You can recruit and sponsor as many people as you like. A Network Marketing company will pay you a commission cheque on the sales made by anyone you refer or recruit, and it can be many levels deep. You are paid commissions on the sales volume of your downline organization, and depending on how hard you work, you could have a lot of people in your downline.
Remember, even though you are getting paid commissions based on the sale of product in your organization, you are really getting paid for TRAINING your downline . . . and it is these two points that separate Network Marketing a pyramid scheme or money game. You receive a commission cheque that is based on a compensation plan. This plan should motivate a representative to use and retail the product or service, recruit other individuals into the business and should also make them want to train and help their downline organizations grow.
Just imagine you're working in a large department store, and many of your customers like the product so much they become sales persons for the product you are selling. Not only that, you get a percentage of what they sell wherever they go after leaving the store! In a traditional business organization that would never happen. In MLM, that is exactly what takes place!
If you are like most people, when you like something, you tell others. How many times have you told people about a movie you really liked? Maybe you told 10 people about it, and those 10 people each told 10 people about it, and those 100 people each told another 10 people about it.
That's 1110 people who went to see that movie because of your referral! Every journey starts with one step. You decide in what direction your journey will lead you, not only by deciding to join, but also how you make use of this opportunity.

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