Monday, July 28, 2008

Raise Yourself To Help Mankind

RYTHM Foundation came into being with the objective of encouraging everybody to Raise Yourself to Help Mankind. It is the primary mission of the QI group of companies and the concept of RYTHM is ingrained into the very fabric of our organization. RYTHM Foundation is the manifestation of the QI group's corporate spirit and also embodies its formal Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) functions.

The aim of the RYTHM Foundation (RF) is to reach out and touch as many lives as possible by supporting worthy individuals and causes around the world. Those which live up to the spirit of "RYTHM" and who have in some way dedicated their life to the common good are eligible to receive assistance from RF.
Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goes beyond philanthropy at QI Ltd. It is a commitment that we make in different parts of the world, contributing to the sustainable economic development of local communities and helping to improve the quality of life.
RYTHM (Raise Yourself To Help Mankind) is the driving force behind QI Ltd and has given birth to RYTHM Foundation, the CSR arm of our growing organisation. The aim of the RYTHM Foundation (RF) is to reach out and touch as many lives as possible by supporting worthy individuals and causes around the world.
The Foundation has helped change innumerable lives around the world since its inception. RYTHM Foundation works with a diverse mix of partners - governments, charity foundations, the private sector, and non-profit organisations - to increase the momentum, scale, and sustainability of change. Whenever possible, the Foundation acts as a catalyst between the partners and the underprivileged.
In appreciation of the outstanding work undertaken by the RYTHM Foundation, the Hong Kong Council of Social Services (HKCSS) recently awarded its third straight Caring Company Logo to QI Ltd. The Caring Company Logo is awarded each year to companies in Hong Kong that undertake initiatives that demonstrate good corporate citizenship.
Grants and Programs
Our grant making matches our passion with pragmatism, aiming always to create long-term, systematic change and develop models that can be replicated. We want one success to lead to another.
Areas of Interest/ Involvement:
1. Education 2. Environment 3. Health 4. Arts & Culture 5. Enterprise Development
In a short span, RYTHM Foundation has successfully raised funds and donated to charities for various causes around the world.
In the Philippines, 1 million Pesos were donated towards the rehabilitation of the typhoon victims in Quezon province.
In India, RYTHM Foundation has been supporting a hospital in Madurai, Tamil Nadu and has organized several fundraisers in aid of orphanages and homes for the mentally challenged.
In Singapore, RYTHM Foundation has held two charity nights where donations were made to the Lion's Elderly home.
These are just some of the projects RYTHM Foundation has been involved in. We are happy to have made a difference.

The Foundation is chaired by Mr. Aulis Juhana Makitalo, former Chairman of GoldQuest International, a QI subsidiary and who has immense experience working with internationally respected agencies such as the Asian Development Bank and the United Nations Development Fund.

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