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The BioDisc is a wellness tool - It does not heal. It assist our body to heal itself.

The testimonies below may or may not be applicable or work for you. But definitely, drinking BioDisc energised water will provide benefit for YOU or YOUR loved ones. It's just a matter of time and being conscientious to the improvement to your body. GUARANTEED!.

Pn. Linda Kuala Lumpur.Testimonial - Diabetic
I have been a diabetic for the past 6 years. My blood sugar level was between 19.5 to 28.6 and I have tried many ways to improve my diabetic condition without success. I had to inject myself with insulin 3 times a week and that made my bone structure was so weak I had to walk with a walking stick at times.
After drinking BioDisk energised water for about 2 months, my sugar level went down to about normal which is around 5 to 6. This had never happen before and my doctor was totally amazed and made me come for check-up every 2 days for a whole month. Yet my doctor was unable to explain why till the end.After that, they declared me a free person. That means I do not have to take diabetic medication and inject myself anymore!!!

Ainul Arina, 10. Tmn Sri Subang, PJ.
Testimonial - Mental Development.
My daughter is 10 years old and is a slow learner. She can recognise alphabets and even pronounce the syllables but not able to say the entire word. Needless to say her mental development was slow as noticed during her childhood, she only started to speak at age three.My whole family drinks BioDisc energised water including her. After about a month of drinking BioDisc energised water, she asked to buy her a comic. She usually just ask for colouring book or candies. The next day, she almost finished reading the comic by herself. Not only does her Bahasa and English improved, her reading of the Quran (Arabic) has also progress well all simultaneously.
Recently, she wanted to go to a camp. However, I felt that it was not suitable for her and rejected the idea. She was utterly and totally disappointed and she went to bed. Later I found that she left a note for me on my computer. It says "Dad, please allow Kak Lang go camping, please?". It was the first time ever that she had composed a paragraph. My tears fell when I read the note. I was overwhelmed with joy and sadness!.Joy that she is now able to read and write (although not as well as a child of her age) and sad that I have scolded, pinched, bang the table and say words I should not have said about her reading disabilities.

Testimonial - Agility
Pn Mahawa, 76 Tmn Dato Harun, PJ.My mom in-law is 76 years old. She is not ill but she's very weak. As such, she needs assistance to stand up as it is difficult for her to do so. Hence, she spends most of the days resting in the bed and the family has no alternative but to put her on diapers.I decided placing 4 bottles of BioDisc energised water at the four corners of her room and energised all her drinking water. After 4 days, she regained her agility. She was able to stand up and walk on her own. Although she no longer do househlod chores she is able to bathe and eases on her own and able to perform her daily prayers

Testimonial - Hip Pain
En Abdul Khalil, 71 Bagan Datuh, PerakI was involved in a traffic accident 2 years ago and injured my hips. All the while nothing could be done to the injury except taking painkillers. The pain got worst and I had to resort to crutches.Early this year I was given a bottle of BioDisc energised water and I multiplied that one bottle to many more bottles just by placing other drinking water next to it. I also placed a bottle at each corner of my bed and the rest I drank it. After 2 months, my hip pain lessen and I was able to walk using a walking stick.With the confidence of the effect of the BioDisc energised water on me, eventually my son bought the BioDisc. After just 4 days of receiving it and sleeping with the BioDics under my hips, to our amazement, I can now walk WITHOUT my walking stick!. I can even kick-start my motorcycle with my injured leg now.

Testimonial - Migrain, calmness
En Zainal Abidin, 49 Tmn Sri Subang, PJ.My friends used to call me a migraine junky as I suffer from migraine attacks about once in 7 - 10 days. Not realising it, after drinking the BioDisc energised water, for the last 5 months, I had only got my migraine attacks twice!It has really given me a lot of freedom as I am not controlled by my migraine anymore!. Further, I now fell much calmer and do not get upset easily. And all this by just drinking BioDisc energised water!.

Testimonial - Knee pain, diabetic, HB pressure, memory, etc.
Mr. T. Ramakrishnan PJK, 62, Cheras, K.L.
Rubbing the BioDisc over my knee anti-clockwise 10 minutes three times daily and drinking at least 6 glasses of BioDisc energised water has helped in the followings :
1. Previously injured knee is as good as the left knee.
2. Diabetic & pressure medication dosage reduced 50% by my doctor.
3. Don't need to use reading glasses anymore. Power used to be 125/125.
4. 70% increase in memory.
5. Back to bathing cold bath after 5 years of hot shower.6. Although 62, I feel like 42 and go about doing my job like 32!.

Testimonial - Radiant Skin (face).
Mr. Richard Tay PPN, 54. Putra Heights, S. Jaya.Meet our testimony giver who will testify that using BioDisc will give you radiant and youthful look. Richard initially used the BioDisc in the morning by turning it anti clockwise towards his face to keep him awake. His daily 20 minutes' routine had a side effect. The BioDisc turns him younger!.Guess what's his age.

Testimonial - Burns.
Eyoi, 8, Petaling Jaya
Eyoi was frying burger in a wok. He was about to turn the burger over when it fell onto the hot oil and it splashed onto his face. Dad & Mom weren't home and no medication was available. For 30 minutes, Eyoi used the BioDisc circling anticlock wise towards his face stopping only to rest his tired hand until parents came home.Dad bought 'sea cucumber' lotion and it was applied after one hour of the incident. At this juncture, no swelling or blister occurred. After a week, Eyoi's face was back to normal WITHOUT any scar.

Testimonial - Centipede Bite.
Pn Azizah.Perak
Puan Azizah was bitten by a centipede at 4:00 a.m. It was an adult centipede measuring 6" long with bright red body. With no medication or ointment nor 24 hours clinic nearby, her husband poured non-alcoholic perfume onto the BioDisc and then applied it to the bite area. To their amazement, within 10 minutes, the swelling subside and the pain diminished.

Testimonial - Tooth Implant/Surgery.
Testimony by : Ms Evelyn, Selangor.
I had just undergone for an implant on my third upper premolar tooth earlier in the day. It was a 2 hours minor surgery with 4 jabs and eight stitches to close the gumline. My whole face below the eyes was swollen to double its size. I could feel the swelling and numbness.
My dentist gave lots of painkillers and antibiotics for me to take to bring down the swelling. When I got home I just sprayed BioDisc energised water all over my face. I also used the BioDisc turning it counter clockwise over my face. Amazingly after 1/2 hour, the swelling subsided and the numbness gone. I didn't feel any pain or discomfort unlike 3 months ago when I had a tooth removed, I had to take painkiller as the extraction was painful.
This time, I did not take any painkillers or tablets that night so that I can show my dentist the wonders of BioDisc and the energised water the next day.

Testimonial - Excruciating & Embarrasing Pain.
Testimony from : Mr Beh, Selangor.
This is in relation to my subject suffering from bleeding and painful piles. Lying face down, shine a torchlight through the BioDisc in an anti clock-wise direction towards the affected part at the buttock area. Within 7 minutes, the subject felt an urge to ease.
After easing, the procedure was continued for another 15 minutes whereby the subject felt pin pricking sensation on the piles which later began to shrank. The subject no longer feel pain when easing nor experience bleeding. The subject bowel movement is now regular.

Testimonial - Kidney stone/ Leg fatigue.
Mr. Francisco,Spain.
Francisco suffer pains when he eases himself due to kidney stones. He went for alternative treatment but did not recover fully. After drinking Biodisc energised water, the pain disappeared and he experienced greater vitality.
His girlfriend who is a nurse experience leg pains due to her nature of work. After undergoing numerous therapies that did not help, she decided to drink BioDisc energised water. Her pains are now gone and she feels better than ever.

Testimonial - Constipation/ Vitality.
Testimony by : Jakana Muwendo, Uganda.
I drink BioDisc energised water and no longer have to eat a banana or pawpaw every meal to avoid constipation.
My mother is 81 years old. She has been having difficulty waking up in the morning for prayers. After I gave her one of the two BioDiscs I bought, I heard she was tending her field around the homestead. She last did this a little more than ten years ago. Thanks to the BioDisc.

Testimonial - For the whole family and neighbors.
Testimony by : Anthony Vergel De Dios,Phillipines.
We have been using the BioDisc for 4 months now and we have noticed that within that period my children's health improved a lot. Cold and cough only took 1-2 days - before it took one week to recover from. The BioDisc become our first aid to migraine, toothache, stomachache, burns, cuts, allergies, and frozen shoulders.
We have 2 neighbors with cancer who tried drinking the BioDisc energised water and both of them felt alive and strong. Before they felt helpless but after drinking the BioDisc energised water and using the BioDisc for 30 minutes every day, they can now do work at home and can live normal lives.
After hearing this testimonies from them, I can definitely say that the Biodisc really can help your family and friends, it is a very effective alternative medicine.

Testimonial - Severe Migraine.
Testimony by : Smita Krishnan ,Kenya.
I suffered from severe migraine attacks for the last 16 years and the attacks would be accompanied by vomiting. Even one sip of water and I would throw up. I was always pulling on my hair!. I suffered from sever migraine at least once a week. The only way to get rid of it was by taking injections. The doctor adviced my mom to make me stop going for the jabs as eventually, it would lead to kidney failure.
Due to my migraines, I had also developed a sever case of VERTIGO!. I went for my first course of medication and the vertigo did not go!. Then I started drinking Bio-water!! In a day my VERTIGO was gone!Ever since I started using BioDisc for the last 10 months, I have not suffered from migraine attacks. Now I can travel without my load of tablets or the fear of an attack. Thank you BioDisc.

Testimonial - Physical Therapy.
Testimony by : Dr Amany,Saudi Arabia.
I am a physical therapist and I got to know the BioDisc. I started to use the BioDisc before and after my sessions with my patients. I have seen great changes and improvements to them! A great device!
Testimonial - Child Reading Disability. My own son who has reading disabilities is now using the Chi Pendant. He is 10 years old and unable to recognise the alphabets.
I let him wear the Chi Pendant day and night and now especially while I am teaching him, I see great improvement in my son. I am also trying on a 18 year old student who was able to obtain 80% marks and his mother just could not believe it.
As a mother and also in the medical field of rehabilitation (therapist) for 17 years, I cannot express

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