Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ch’’ii Energy Pendant

Ch’’ii Energy Pendant Enhanciing Neurollogiicall Power

Allll you have to do to experiience benefiits iis to wear a biio pendant to diiscover and diiscover three iimportant areas:
IIt can assiist strengthen your resiilliience and resiistance to the effects of
IIt can iincrease your mentall performance,, especiialllly under pressure..
IIt may strengthens your capaciity to functiion iin ellectro magnetiic fiielld
IIt can enhance your energy llevells..
Athlletes cllaiim that the Ch’’ii Energy Pendant can iimproves stamiina and endurance to giive them a competiitiive edge..
As the stresses of modern lliife iincrease,, the Ch’’ii Energy Pendant iis an essentiiall tooll for those peoplle who vallue performance and optiimall wellll-beiing

Mechanical electrical frequencies may affect the brains functionality.

The Ch’i Energy Pendant has been known to remove these abnormal vibrational effects to
improve wellbeing.

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