Friday, August 22, 2008


Leading to new heights of success

With the rapid growth of its affiliate companies in various sectors spanning the continents, QI presently leads 18 wholly-owned subsidiaries in eight different sectors including interactive marketing and e-commerce, luxury and collectible product industry, resorts and holidays, training and education, corporate investments and finance, media works, technology, as well as business consultancy and strategic planning A highly motivated multinational enterprise with a determined vision to be the ultimate and trustworthy business partner of the people and organisations it serves, QI forges ahead with a mission and a heart to uplift the rest of humanity by creating and offering new business opportunities to meet the personal as well as professional needs of its clients and business partners.

QI represents prosperity and driving force behind the success of each affiliated company. It has been developing progressive strategies, which unrelentingly creates a synergy for the whole group.

The company continues to make a difference by expanding and diversifying into various businesses to offer favourable business opportunities, high-quality products and services as well as innovative solutions to its customers around the globe.

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