Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My Storie in the network marketing

I like to share with you my story and how to log in and join one of the companies in the brilliant marketing web company called Quest.net
What are the reasons why continued and continue to be reached success .. That has achieved what I aspire to.
Presentation on the project by two people who are from Card in the district where I live .. With great regret they were two new entrants is very new to any network marketing .. I heard them idea was confusing barrage of information they have many needs to arrange and organize, but the spirit of enthusiasm and drive have been very much influenced the presentation of the project .. We therefore do not have adequate attention to hear them well.
What was posed to the following: No company buys hour after ten years, rising at this rate, and do an hour a Swiss origin painted gold and, if convincing people to buy such an hour that you will get commission.

Any person hears this image will be subject he refused to be sure, a very large group of securities and non-ranked organization was in their hands.
I took them the title company on the Web page and I told them that I will look for the subject and know more details.
These arguments to evade them, first because I did not understand anything and the second because I was mired in debt because of the many log in another project, a project of traditional service course Subject at the beginning ended in this way.
After a period of time one of these two individuals travelled outside the country and remained second in the same neighborhood, but it began the change and began putting its material improves slowly, no matter Elfatih again did not dare to ask him about the project and why the solution.

After more than two years back a friend, the first being the home adjacent to Dare .. We went to recognize him and congratulate him for his safety .. Azimuth change it, his actions in the way his words in the whole style.
Since that travelled to neighbouring Syria began a routine business which consists of a cybercafe found the attention of young Syrian topic is the formation seemed relationships and friendships with young people from Syria, He met in Syria gentlemen who prohibits such work to the Middle East, leaders are working In the Middle East seemed to learn from them and benefited from extensive experience in this area.
After the expiration of his term he returned to his country, he returned to Iraq, the wounded contry, a very informative and enthusiasm, love and positive and determined to change the reality and gives an opportunity for friends and acquaintances.
We sat with him messing parties after the question and talk about health conditions and immediately started talking at work and the work is the case, how a person to join him at work and how he managed to win with Quest net.
I spoke in detail about the company and its products and the opportunity to work with them and I heard him all the details are satisfied and I found myself in the driver draws us to be involved with him.
Informed him that I agreed to participate in the work and asked him what was required of me now .. Briefed on the products in detail and I chose one of them .. Thus began the first step in the electronic commerce .. The first step on the road to success.
In my next blog I write about my suffering in the beginning ..
Beginning to achieve financial freedom.

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