Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The NEW Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Coin Set is Just a Click Away!

QuestNet is honoured to present the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Coin Set – Series III.
Back in 1998, QuestNet launched its very first Olympic Games Coin Set in Sydney 2000 and soon built up its creditability as a regular official distributor of the Olympic Games Coin Sets -- followed by Athens 2004 and now Beijing 2008. It is not only a privilege for QuestNet but an even greater opportunity for our customers own these high collectible value coin sets. With the 29th Olympic Games counting down to 15 days, great attention is drawn to Beijing the Capital of China from all over the world. Now you may be part of this grand event by owning the prestige coin sets that are just a click away!
The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Coin Set - Series III coin programme capture the spirit and ideals of the Olympic Games while reflecting the fascinating aspects of Chinese history, culture and national heritage. The Beijing Olympic memorabilia comprises one fine gold coin and two fine silver coins.

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