Friday, August 22, 2008

The V and QuestNet March into Egypt

After gaining a stranglehold of Asia, Middle East and most parts of Africa, The V, together with QuestNet, sail out to the amazing Land of Pharaohs - Egypt!

Though The V and QuestNet have been doing business in Egypt through the leaders for a little while now, the network training and marketing behemoths have never done a major event anywhere in the country. It was of no surprise then that when The V and QN finally landed in Egypt last 8 August, 400 leaders flocked towards the Intercontinental Cairo Citystars, where the event was held.

Inside the venue, the participants were greeted by beautiful displays of Qatana and Amezcua products. The two companies were represented by V Executive Director Pathman Senathirajah, Associate V Partner Adly Hassan Hamed and QuestNet Product Trainer Head Juergen Michel.

To familiarise the participants with the companies, AVP Adly discussed the history of the company and introduced informative video clips which were appreciated by the audience. QN�s Juergen Michel took charge of the exciting product demonstration featuring Qatana and Amezcua bestsellers.

After the product demonstration and business presentation, it was time for V Executive Director Pathman Senathirajah to address the crowd of impassioned entrepreneurs. He started by introducing The V as a global company who specializes in training and network development and marketing. He also shared with the audience his experiences with the company and the many breaks that he got from The V.

Much to the delight of the participants, VED Pathman zeroed-in on the growing market in Egypt and emphasized on The V�s commitment to bring to the Egyptians the best training events on a regular basis to be able to assist the aspiring entrepreneurs in their quest for success.

With these words, VED Pathman has definitely edified the spirits of the entrepreneurs present during the event. And knowing The V and QuestNet as well as they do now, the Egyptian business leaders are raring with confidence and motivation to do as the rest of the world does � pursue success as relentlessly as they can.

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