Tuesday, August 5, 2008


When I joined QuestNet, I was very eager to make money. I was back in Dubai from Egypt, where I wanted to pursue my Master's Degree in Dentistry, and the need to make money was my top priority. I had to work hard and jumpstart that first cheque because it means there will be a second, third, fourth cheque a cheque every week! It was more than enough to secure my studies. And before I could do that, I had to work a lot.
To be successful in this business, I had to master the Business Presentation. To fast track this, I attended the Business Presentation, took notes, studied the details and practised the presentation for one whole day by myself! As I practised, I became more and more passionate. I made a strong impact in my presentations and started working more with my Downlines. I also worked with other IRs who had the same passion as I did and who wanted to become a success like I am now. Soon my network and business started growing - sign-up after sign-up after sign-up!
If there was an equation to define my success with QuestNet, it would be:
Knowledge Passion Team = SUCCESS
KNOWLEDGE:Rewind and Play! Master the Business Presentation and practise, practise, practise; PLUS
PASSION:Maintain the same level of passion and commitment for the business and inspire others; PLUS
TEAM:Never ever work alone! There are so many people out there who want to be a success like you; EQUALS
SUCCESS:Dream! As you work towards your dreams, your business will work towards you in the form of cheques
الدكتور معتز الدندشي

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