Thursday, September 25, 2008

Another Iraq only exclusive promo

Another Iraq only exclusive promo – Message Collection Series III

QuestNet is pleased to announce a price and UV adjustment for the sacred Message Collection Series III Coin Set.

Purchase today at the new price of US$ 1,740 (Retail), US$1,640 (IR) with 3 CUV and QUV as well as a special $30 S&H PROMO.


Message Collection Series III
Designed to be a coveted treasure and family heirloom with cultural, religious and aesthetic value, the finale of the exclusive collection consists of five beautiful proof medallions commemorating five historical events of the march of Islam in the Age of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him): The Conquest of Khaibar, The Conquest of Mecca, The Battle of Honain, The Battle of Tabook, and Farewell Pilgrimage.
Endorsed by Al-Azhar Islamic Research Academy, each medallion showcases verses from the Holy Quran in the artistic expression of Arabic calligraphy on the obverse while an expressive design relating to its respective event on the reverse. Cherish this blessed treasure that narrates the historical epics in the true magnificence of numismatic art.

Hurry now to place your order in your eStore. This promo will only last until 17 October 2008!

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