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Chris Widener's Ezine - Issue No. 95

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The Angel Inside is truly one of the most inspiring, encouraging motivational books I have ever read. It speaks to everyone who has ever had a dream about anything that has significance. I found it impossible to stop reading, once I got started. This coming from a man who has never completely read a book of fiction, because I had a closed mind on the subject. I have always said, "When I get all of the truth, then I'll start reading fiction." It was a wonderful thrill to read a book of fiction that contained an enormous amount of truth and encouragement.
Zig Ziglar

One of the great young speakers that just blew me away while I was here is Chris Widener. This young man has the talent, the articulation, the message, the presence, the ability, and the delivery of a dynamic presenter. I think you will be seeing a lot of him in the future; in his books, in his audio programs, his seminars and live presentations. He is one of the brand new top stars on the International platform-speaking circuit.
Denis Waitley

Hey, we have had a fantastic weekend these three days. It has been phenomenal. And thanks to Chris for doing such a fantastic job being the master of ceremonies. Helping making it run smooth. This guy is nothing short of phenomenal. His patience, his knowledge, his ability to engage with everyone. He had to engage with the speakers, audience and everybody. Just phenomenal. Thanks a million Chris, you did a fabulous job.
Jim Rohn

I have spoken to more than 3,000 audiences and I can tell you that Chris Widener is one of the best speakers in America today. He does wonderful introductions, wonderful development, extremely motivational, he is funny, he is sharp, he is quick and to the point. If you are thinking about using him for any reason you can not go wrong with Chris. He is a great guy.
Brian Tracy

Chris Widener is a powerful presenter, a quick wit, and a home run every time. He definitely challenges you to the next level in life and work.
Kevin Mather, CFO, Seattle Mariners Baseball Team

Our people loved Chris and loved his material. He was extremely helpful and challenging. My sales team and I highly recommend him!
Phil Castillo, Director, Northern Channels, Cisco Systems

Chris was very challenging and enriching. The leadership principles that he spoke on were at the very core of what we are trying to accomplish here on the HBS campus. Chris taught us the tenets of true leadership and how to immediately apply those truths in our own leadership situation. I would encourage everyone to learn from Chris Widener's Extraordinary Leaders seminar!
John Lunde, Harvard Business School, Student Leader, MBA

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Chris Widener's Ezine
September 10, 2008
Issue 95


A subscriber once wrote to me and asked me to consider this common phrase – Once in a lifetime. "Isn't every moment of our lives, once in a lifetime?" he asked.
Touché! Indeed, he is correct. Every moment of our lives is the last chance we get to live that moment.
What happens though is that we figure we will be able to live another moment in the same way we are passing on right now. Time becomes a commodity that we trade… and the riskiest commodity of all – futures! We pass on this moment for the option to live it in the future.
The problem is that there is no guarantee of the future… Take some time this week to think about the Once in a Lifetime opportunities you are passing up each day:
The opportunity to play with your children or grandchildren.
The opportunity to love your spouse.
The opportunity to take that business risk.
The opportunity to take that dream trip you have thought of for years.
Live for today my friends. Make today the best day that you can. Be aware of every moment and how it is the last time you will be able to make the decision on how to spend it. Today is your once in a lifetime opportunity to live your dreams, love your family, and make a difference.
As the marketing profession would put it: Don't miss this Once in a Lifetime Opportunity!
You Are Made for Success!
Chris Widener
P.S. Today's issue is going out to 110,268 subscribers. If you've gained value from what you read in my Ezine, then I would like to thank you in advance for forwarding this issue to friends, family and associates!

In This Issue.......

1. Charting Your Course to Success Article
2. Made for Success Quote and Commentary
3. The Last Word...
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5. More Information

1. Charting Your Course to Success Article

Bad Luck, Bad Choices and Bad Habits by Chris Widener

We were at some friend's house some time ago and the wife mentioned some other acquaintances of ours. "It sure is too bad, all the bad luck they have," she said.
My first thought was, "Bad habits, not bad luck."
My second thought was, "Or is it bad choices?"
You see, there is a difference. What we many times call bad luck is merely bad choices.
Let me explain:
If you work hard, buy a new car, keep it up with regular maintenance and blow a tire driving down the road, that is bad luck.
However, if you drive on your tires until they are almost bald and drive at speeds higher than they are recommended for, and keep them at the wrong inflation level, and then the tire blows, that is not bad luck but bad choices. The tire blew because you chose not to buy new ones. The tire blew because you chose not to take the time to check your tire inflation level the last time you filled up the tank.
It is bad luck to leave your house on vacation and while you are away the gas line breaks and the house blows up.

It is bad habits to not tend to taking care of your house, replacing the roof, painting, etc until it is a junk pile.
It is bad luck to be let go from a company that goes into meltdown because the CEO acted unethically and the stock tanks, forcing layoffs.
It is both bad choices and bad habits to be late to work everyday, display shoddy workmanship and have a bad attitude to the point that the boss fires you.
If you choose to frequent shady parts of town or risky establishments, and you get mugged, is that bad luck or bad choices?
You get the point.
How often do we call something bad luck when it is really the result of bad habits or bad choices?
This really boils down to a matter of ownership of our lives and actions. Do we take full responsibility for our lives or not?
I know of a gentleman who was recently passed over for a job. It would have paid him $13,000 for a week's worth of work. The person who passed him over told me why. Knowing this gentleman, I said, "It is too bad, because with a few good choices, that guy could be living in a nice house, driving nice cars, and having very few financial problems."
What about you? Do you experience bad luck? Or bad habits? Or bad choices?
The next time you hear someone say, "He's down on his luck," perhaps you ought to ask, "Or is he down on his choices?"
I have found that those who have good habits and make good choices tend to experience the best luck!
So, if you want a little good luck, make some good choices and develop some good habits.
"Luck is a dividend of sweat. The more you sweat, the luckier you get." -- Ray Kroc
"When I work fourteen hours a day, seven days a week, I get lucky." -- Dr. Armand Hammer
-- Chris Widener

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2. Made for Success Quote and Commentary

"People will change either when they hurt enough they have to or they have learned enough that they want to and received enough they are able to." -- John Maxwell
Chris' Commentary:
Once, in a meeting I was in with John Maxwell, someone asked John what has to happen to get people to change. The quote above was his answer. It is true. You will change eventually. It is just whether you will do it the easy way or the hard way. Will you learn enough to want to change? Or will you wait until it hurts enough that you have to change? Most people wait for the pain. Successful people, like yourself, are trying to learn and get the skills they need to be able to change - and that makes all the difference in the world. For example, have you learned enough to want to lose weight? Or will it take a heart attack or adult onset diabetes to push your eating habits to change? You can choose - that's power!
Action Point: What lesson in life are you stubbornly refusing to get (we all have them)? Take some time today to make a concrete step in the right direction - the direction of change - so you don't wait any longer and have to go the painful route!

3. The Last Word...

Came across this article by the Great Charlie "Tremendous" Jones... I've had the opportunity to share the stage with Charlie and what I admire about him is that he tells it like it is. This article is titled, Discipline and Loyalty are Tremendous. Enjoy! -- CW
We live in a world where these two great words -- discipline and loyalty are becoming meaningless. Does this mean that they are worthless? On the contrary, they are becoming priceless qualities because they are so hard to develop in the first place. And should you be one of the fortunate few who by God's grace has caught the vision, your battle has just begun because the greatest battle is to keep what you've learned through these two priceless qualities,
Discipline is that great quality few people use that enables them to be constructively busy all the time. Even in discouragement and defeat, discipline will rescue you and usher you to a new place to keep constructively busy while you forget about doubt, worry and self-pity. Oh, that more in this day would realize the absolute necessity of discipline and the degree of growth and happiness to be attained from it.
Most people think that loyalty is to a thing or to a person when actually it is really to one's own self. Some think that it is to a goal or an objective, but again it is to one's own convictions. If loyalty has to be earned then it is deserved and is hardy, more than devoted emotion based on a temporary feeling. No, loyalty is the character of a person who has given himself the task before him and he will always realize that out of a loyal heart will spring all the other virtues that make life one of depth and growth.
Charles "T" Jones

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5. More Information

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