Tuesday, September 15, 2009

QuestNet and World Vision

The recent announcement of QuestNet’s two-year partnership with World Vision has attracted numerous online and offline media attention. The two-year sponsorship programme is the most far-reaching global initiative in QuestNet and World Vision history.

QuestNet has gathered some of the selected few media coverage on the momentous partnership with World Vision, check it out yourself (below).

You can also read the most current online media coverage from The Standard, Hong Kong, titled ‘Birthday Gift for Young’
Also in media this week...

What is Asia's greatest strength and how can we become a powerful economy by uniting as one? In his latest column titled ‘The Millennium Belongs To Asia’, which appeared on 5 September 2009 in Malaysia’s New Straits Times, Dato’ Vijay Eswaran, Executive Chairman of the QI Group said, “The common threads holding Asia together are its values and work ethic, making it very attractive for the West to do business here. It is definitely one of the chief reasons why we must capitalise on these strengths and progress forward.”

The column focussed on the commonalities between Asian countries, and quoted the region's deep rooted spiritual connection through religion as a demonstration of the ability of Asian countries to network with each other. It is now, more than ever that Asia should use this ability for a shared purpose – to take the lead in the millennium by uniting as one.

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